Finding Debt Consolidation Information

If and when you face any financial difficulties, then you will most probably be needing some debt consolidation information. You can find many sources of debt consolidation information around you, with some of them being better than others are. There is no point in heeding the debt consolidation information from expensive sources, as these are not necessarily the best. In fact, sometimes, you will find that excellent sources of information for free!

Don’t be embarrassed by the fact that you have gotten yourself into such financial difficulties, as there are many people out there like you. If you come to think about it, the best sources for debt consolidation information are actually closer to you than you might think. These sources are your friends, family and work or business colleagues who may have looked into some form of debt management themselves and thus may have some good sources of debt consolidation information to recommend to you.

The coming of the Internet has provided loads of information on a variety of topics, including debt consolidation information. However, since there may be lots of useless debt consolidation information found out there on the internet, you will have to visit numerous websites and compare the given advice to make the final decision. Also make it a point to investigate the numerous sources of free debt consolidation information that you may find on the Internet. These sites should provide you with sufficient debt consolidation information to help you make the final decision on the right debt consolidation company without the need of any further advice. However, if you do think that you will be needing a detailed and professional source of debt consolidation advice, then make sure that you don’t have to pay a huge fee just for some advice.

The best point to remember when looking for reliable debt consolidation information, it is important that you read testimonials from satisfied customers from the debt consolidation company. In fact, it is even better to be able to contact these clients personally to confirm that the company and customer are genuine and just not part of a debt consolidation information sales pitch. You may be charged for debt consolidation information, and this amount may vary greatly. However, make sure that you are paying for individual debt consolidation advice, and not just a generic set of pointers. For further debt consolidation information from the internet, you could download some inexpensive ebooks that offer convenient and easy to follow debt consolidation advice, that can be followed without the need of hiring a professional debt consolidation advisor. Actually, it rather is worth paying small amounts for one or two of these debt consolidation information books as they give you a better insight on what is actually required and also some examples of questions to ask the professional before deciding on whether or not to hire them!

Free Information About Consolidating Debts – What Are Your Options?

If your goal for the upcoming year is to become debt free, you should consider researching information on consolidating debts. For years, millions of people have successfully eliminated their consumer debts with a consolidation. There are numerous ways to consolidate debts. Moreover, debt consolidation is available for all people regardless of credit.

Using Online to Research Information on Debt Consolidation

Those unfamiliar with debt consolidation may find valuable information about the process online. With a consolidation, all your debts are lumped into one amount. After a consolidation, you no longer make payments to each individual creditor. Instead, you make one payment to pay the consolidated loan. Because debt consolidations involve lower interest rates, your loan balance will be paid off sooner.

Debt Consolidation and Elimination Options

While there are many strategies for debt consolidation and elimination, your credit rating will greatly influence your options. If you have a good credit rating, obtaining a personal debt consolidation loan may be a solution to debt problems. Debt consolidation loans have better terms than credit cards. The length of the loan is fixed, thus you become debt free within a specified time frame. Moreover, the interest rate on debt consolidation loans are reasonable, and you avoid high finance charges.

Using your home as a way to get out of debt is very effective. Homeowners have the option of obtaining a home equity loan. These loans are secured by your home’s equity. With a home equity loan, you are allowed to borrow up to the amount of your equity. Thus, if your home as $40,000 in equity, you may acquire funds up to $40,000. The money received is perfect for paying off credit cards, personal loans, and car loans.

If you do not own a home, getting a personal or home equity loan may not be feasible. Still, there are companies willing to assist you. Debt management agencies help consumers eliminate unnecessary debts. If working with such an agency, after gathering all your credit information, a representative will contact all your creditors and ask for a lower interest rate and better terms. A lower interest rate may reduce your monthly payments up to 60%.

How Bill Consolidation Can Help Eliminate Your Debt

In current times, many people are turning to credit cards for extra cash and even a way to pay bills on time. This is caused by the fact that the average family now faces higher costs of living than ever before. With the high costs of expenses ranging from food, utilities, rent, transportation, clothing, insurance, etc., it can be very hard to handle everything without occasionally turning to credit cards.

Although pulling out the credit card can seem very easy and harmless, it can become addicting and sometimes leads to an extreme burden if used irresponsibly. Many people end up owing large amounts to credit card companies, and this debt only increases if you can’t pay it on the due dates. It will continue to pile up, and at some points you may even be unable to pay other expenses such as your phone bills due to the high payments of your credit cards. It can seem almost unbearable at times, leaving people feeling helpless to conquer their debt. Is there a solution? How will you solve your financial problems?

The answer would obviously be to simply continue to pay your bills, and eventually you’ll get out. However, this can sometimes be impossible as you may not even have enough money to pay off even one of your credit card statements. The real solution is to educate yourself on the other options available, one being a service called bill consolidation.

Bill consolidation is simply the process of combining all of your bills into one single payment with lower interest rates and lower monthly payments. Instead of paying your credit card bills and other unsecured debt to multiple companies, you’ll only have to make a single payment to the company providing the service.

One thing to take note of is that bill consolidation services and bill consolidation loans are very different. Bill consolidation loans usually put you longer in debt, as the repayment period is extended in order to lower your interest rates. Bill consolidation services, on the other hand, negotiate with your creditors to greatly lower your payments without using a loan at all. Many people get out of debt in a handful of years with a bill consolidation service as opposed to potentially decades on their own.

In 2006 to 2007, the Center for Media Research reported that more than half of the United States population owned more than one credit card, and MSN Money reported that 8.3% of Americans had more than $9000 of debt to their credit card companies. You aren’t alone in your struggle, and there are thousands of people a day looking for help on getting out of debt.

How to identify the ‘Debt Consolidation’ Scams

I just want some money to pay for my debts and get rid of the harassing phone calls from my creditors". You have frighteningly high balances in your credit cards, you owe money to a few finance companies, and the monthly payment of these debts has exceeded your financial capability – You have unbearable debts and you are in highly pressure looking for a solution to resolve your debt problems.

There are many debt consolidation companies which can provide you help to consolidate your debt with their proposed solution. But unfortunately, not all debt consolidation companies are legitimate. There are many scams that are waiting to catch an unwary customer and make their. People with high pressure and anxiousness in looking for a debt solution normally may overlook the terms and conditions of the service from these scams and as the result, you may trap into bigger debts because the service from scams normally incur highly upfront fees with many other hidden cost (of course they will promise you their 110% guaranteed that your debt problem will be solved)

Beware of them. Calm yourself down and take your time to think carefully and don't sign till you are fully satisfied with the credentials of the consolidator. Here are some sign of "Debt Consolidation" scams which you should be aware of:

Quote Unusually Low Monthly Payments

A debt consolidation company works with your creditors to negotiate a lower interest rate and this interest will normally within creditor's predetermined rates that they allow to lower to, so every debt consolidation program should give you about the same rates.

Companies who quote unusually low monthly payments are probably giving you a low figure, which they will raise once you are in the program. Instead of comparing monthly payments, request information on their fees and remember to check for any potential hidden cost which may incur later.

Charge High Upfront Fees

The most common scam is to charge high upfront fees, up to thousands of dollars, for services. Sometimes companies will promise to refund fees on completion of the program, but few clients actually complete the program.

The best way to check the reputability of these debt consolidation companies is to check them with the Better Business Bureau at From they you will know how many complaints have been filed against these companies and for what reasons.

Legitimate non-profit companies charge a flat monthly fee for each account handled. They are usually subsidized by financing companies. For profit companies will charge a competitive fee along with a flat monthly charge.

Request For Your Account Numbers Before Hand


A debt consolidation company should be able to provide you with their quote by knowing your creditor names, balances and their interest rates. Be highly suspicious of any company that requests your account numbers, social security number, or other personal information before providing a quote. By providing this information, you open yourself up to identify theft.

In Summary

A reputable consolidator will work out a realistic plan for you and will address all your concerns and worries. He will inform you about the process it involves and the benefits of the plan. Nevertheless, you should fully convince yourself about the debt consolidator before you sign up for debt consolidation. Put highly alert on the potential scams will minimized your risk to drop into the trap of those scams.